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bullet Japanese Dealer, Sells worldwide.

bullet      Japanese Dealer, Sells Worldwide & also accepts Paypal payments as well as usual cards.

bullet     Does not sell out of Japan, But amazing information and date charts.

bullet    German, Personal Zippo Site.

bullet    Modified Zippo's and more. Remote control Zippo anyone?

bullet  Nothing But Rippo. 56k Dialup friendly site. (All small images).

bullet   Zippo UK

bullet   Zippo Canada

bullet   Buy straight from the manufacturer

bullet     A lot of very useful information on this one. 

bullet   Austrian, Categorised and showing a broad selection of Zippo gear.

bullet  Good site for different genres of Zippo, well laid out  for each type of style. 

bullet  Glen's home page.

bullet  English, Franks Zippo site.

bullet  Zippo Collectors site, forums, information and more.


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Ducati Monster Project (Nothing to do with Zippo's. Ducati monster history and modifications page.


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