Page Descriptions



                                           Page added on 21st April 2006. updated August 13th 2007


                         Short descriptions of what you can expect to find on each page.

Home - The Website's Start page with information on new updates and site history at the bottom of the page.

George's Idea - Images of both the pre Zippo lighter Lighter,  and also the lighter that is often misguidedly thought to be the Zippo inspiration piece.

How it was made - Images of the lighters many stages during it's manufacturing process, from sheet metals to finished Zippo.

The 1st 60 years - The release dates and changes to the Zippo lighter and various other Zippo items from 1932 to 1992 including many pictures relevant to the items.

Zippo Dating - My own pocket chart for dating 'regular' Zippo's (not slims as yet).

Merchandise - Lots of images and information on anything Zippo that doesn't create a flame.

Table Lighters - Information and pictures on all the range of Zippo manufactured Table Lighters.

Genuine Packaging - Pictures of various Genuine Zippo packaging plus links to further information.

Maintenance - Tips and information relevant to keeping a Zippo in top form, including cleaning brass lighters and clearing blocked flint tubes. Split into 3 sections.

USB Slim Zippo - One of my own projects, fitting a USB memory stick into a Slim Zippo insert, with images and details of how it was done.

LED Ziplight - Another of my projects. Converting a Ziplight to LED light source and Button batteries.Full details and images of the project, including rudimentary diagrams..

Zippo Hinges - Shows images of the various hinge designs used by Zippo over the years.

Advertising - Numerous images of Zippo advertising material, including the 1st National Ad'

My Zippo Images - Pictures of my lighter collection. Never actually sure if the whole Zippo images section is of any interest to others.

Rippo's - A vast amount of FAKE Zippo images, Lighter fronts, Bases, Boxes, Flints and more. Split into 6 sections.

Neither Zippo or Rippo - Various lighters that are similar in design to the Zippo.

Humour - A few pictures of Zippo based humour along with anything else that made me smile.

Patents - Patent images in both original B&W format and modified with colour..

Zippo BLU - The new for 2006 Zippo BLU butane lighter. Images and thoughts on the new release.

Pinup Artists - Information and images of pinup artist artwork.  Bolles, Vargas, Petty and Olivia may be of interest to Zippo collectors.

Ducati Page - Not Zippo related, a long term project taking a 600 monster to a 944 hybrid

Links - Links to external sites of interest around the internet, both personal sites and commercial, along with my email and guestbook links.