I don't keep my Zippo collection at home, so there are times when this is the only way I can get to see them. Many of them have been used by me over the years, while others are unstruck. It was only after I got round to doing this page update and the images I needed that I realised how much they all need a good cleaning.  The case image below showing the table lighters as well as the drawers has been 'hot spotted'. Clicking on various drawers and areas of the image should hopefully show the contents of the selected drawer or a bigger image of the relevant lighter.

Every time I look at this section, I think about deleting it altogether. Especially as I doubt this forms an important part of anybody's visit to the site. It's a good enough way to show my collection, although I have to admit that the finer detail is lost doing things this way, a problem made worse by some of the lighters being bagged up.

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Click on any part of the image below to open up a better picture.


The Display is actually 3 separate sections, 10 drawers, 9 Table lighter slots (only 8 lighters though), and a further 8 drawers. 

Drawer 1 - Pinups and similar     Four seasons set (4 lighters - Spring,Summer,Autumn,Winter). Joan (coty). 2 Playboy lighters by Istvan Banyai (double sided decoration).   Petty bunny.

Drawer 2 - Pinups and similar    5 Olivia Lighters set (Cherry Red, Combustion, Heat seeker, Bettie Bondage, Platinum). Seductive Stare. Seductive silhouette. Varga Girl.

Drawer 3 - Cutabout knife, Westinghouse Zippo, Midas Zippo Rule, 2 old blanks, Walther P38, and British made 'Husky'.

Drawer 4 - Japanese repair centre, George Blaisdell, One blank, Dragon egg (trick), Datecode, Bradford, 300 million, 400 Million

Drawer 5 - Railroad Pillbox, Magnifier and Rules   -      CN Rail Moneyclip, CN West Cutabout, Union Pacific Zippo Rule (Tape measure), Woodings Canadian Zippo Rule (tape measure), Griffin Wheel Rule (tape measure), CP Rail 100 Zippo Rule (tape measure) Railroad construction company Zippo Pillbox, Industrial Railways Zippo Rule (tape measure), Union Switch and signal division Zippo Magnifier, USA Zippo Rule (Tape measure).

Drawer 6 - Railroad Zippo's   -   Santa Fe Zippo (Regular), (Santa Fe Regular) Working for Safety, Santa Fe (Slim), Chessie Zippo-Chesapeake and Ohio Railroad (slim), 4gotn light rail/tram Zippo (regular), Union Pacific Zippo (Regular), Winters Railroad service Zippo (slim), All Good Manufacturing Limited Zippo (Regular).

Drawer 7 - Railroad Zippo's   -   Pennsylvania Railroad Zippo, Missouri Pacific (Mo-Pac) Railroad, Missouri-Kansas-Texas Railroad (Katie), Alaska Railroad McKinley National Park Route Zippo, Penn Central Peoria and Eastern Safety Zippo, LeHigh DX, Burlington Northern, Burlington Northern.

Drawer 8 -  Ogri, Colt Python, Hurricane metal lighter, Hurricane Bakelite lighter, Ziplight, Ziplight, 41 rep and a blank.

Drawer 9 - Polished Base Stamp Zippo (Japanese), gold Base Stamp Zippo (Japanese), Case visitor centre silver, Case visitor centre gold, Treasures of the crypt Tutenkhamen, Treasures of the crypt queen. Zippo car, Our century.

Drawer 10 - Travel by ship and rail Zippo, Apollo Zippo, Blank, Gold dust Zippo, Titanic polished Zippo, Titanic white star Zippo, Titanic Brass Zippo, Blank

Model 4 Zippo Table Lighter

Model 2 Zippo Table Lighter

Model 4 Railroad Zippo Table Lighter

Lady Bradford Zippo Table Lighter

Corinthian Turquoise Zippo Table Lighter

Moderne Rhodium Zippo Table Lighter

Handilite Zippo Table Lighter

Windy statue

Lady Bradford Zippo Table Lighter

Drawer 11 - All Silver Plated Zippo's

Drawer 12 - All made in Canada except the 2nd lighter (polished chrome), which although it has a Canadian Maple leaf on it, was actually made in Bradford.

Drawer 13 - Brushed steel Zippo, Brass Zippo, Benson and Hedges (B&H) Tobacco Brass Zippo, Born to Ride (the reaper) Zippo, Born to Ride (Screamin') Zippo, My old home engraved Zippo (Isle of man Mad Sunday emblem), Isle of man TT races Brass Zippo.

Drawer 14 - Solid Titanium Zippo, Solid Copper Zippo, Antique Copper Zippo, Brass lined Zippo, Polished brass Zippo, Polished Brass Zippo, Solid Silver Zippo, Brushed Brass Zippo.

Drawer 15 - Tobacco Zippo's           -          Marlboro Brass Zippo, Eat Ride Sleep Marlboro Zippo, Bucking Bronco Marlboro Brass Zippo (No Lassoo version), Benson and Hedges (B&H) Zippo. Old Holborn Brass Zippo, Speak your Mind (and ride a fast horse) steel Zippo, Redtop.

Drawer 16 - Anniversary set (6 Zippo's) plus 2 other anniversary Zippo's.

Drawer 17 - Zippo name and Flame Lighters.

Drawer 18 - Ziplight Box, Zippo Golf Tees, Zippo Constant Light, Zippo Fuel Canister, Zippo Zip-Slip sticks.

 Those who know me personally and want to see more can go Here. The page is not looked after in the same way as this site, I merely add a few as and when time and access to them permits. The information is typed in ad hoc and not checked or verified for any errors or omissions in data, It is merely a quick way to keep things up to date.  

Some of the drawers ended up out of order during the photo shoot, in an attempt to keep the visual links as near to accurate as possible, you will find that selecting drawer 9 will actually open an image named Drawer 8, this happened 4 or 5 times,  I left them named as they are to try to keep the index image in order.

As a further addition to this page, I thought I would show my alternative approach to displaying some of the more important parts of my collection. I often see display cases on the internet that are used for display, usually in America and far too costly to justify buying with the postal costs and customs charges that would be added to the price.

I was given a picture in a frame recently and immediately saw a use for similar frames for displaying my collection. I had wanted to do a wall display for a while as having them in drawers is nowhere near as satisfying as actually seeing them on a daily basis. Armed with the knowledge of where the frames came from, I went and purchased one large frame and two smaller ones. A trip to B&Q brought about some Aluminium angled strips, a few of lengths of 1cm square wood and a couple of packets of rivets, while a Halfords visit also provided me with a tin of matt black paint.

With everything in hand ready for the task of building a bespoke Zippo display I set about final measurements for the case designs.

The quality of this image is sadly lacking due to low light, but its one of the few of a frame unfinished. Essentially I designed the frame with a larger display area at the top either to use for a Zippo logo, or to display some of the larger or more unusual Zippo products. In the end I decided to invert the display and use the larger area at the bottom of the case. The lighters were temporarily placed for the visual effect to be considered.

The construction was easy enough. The wooden beading was fitted to the outside edge of the backboard by use of small screws giving both rigidity to the backboard and also creating a space between the board and the glass for the lighters to avoid hitting the glass when the case was put together, while the aluminium strips were cut to length and riveted to the board. A rudimentary opening mechanism was also fabricated at the rear of the frame to allow easy removal of the front panel to access the lighters.

Once satisfied with the results, the whole back section was removed and painted black as it gave a far better contrast to the display of the lighters when filled.

   Two of the cases completed and in use.

The finished article looks exactly how I wanted and displays a considerable amount more lighters than any other display I had seen. It should be noted however, that the larger frame is a considerable weight when full. So any thoughts of mounting on a nail banged in the wall are ill advised. The frame was hung on a decent screw affixed to the wall with a suitable rawl plug. That said, I am glad I did the job as they look infinitely better on display.

Now that I have done a few of these, the task of knocking new ones together as required is very simple indeed.