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Everything shown on this page is Rippo. Fake Packaging, Lighters, Displays, Holders:- ALL FAKE!

Worthy of note are  the Guarantee spelling mistakes and 'since' on the lighter to its right is spelt 'Cince'. 

My Only Rippo. Everything from here to the bottom of the page is a detailing of my Rippo Set.

I recently had a thought about the only Rippo set I ever made the mistake of buying. Somebody on the Forums had bought a similar set and was taking solace in the fact that at least they had some other genuine stuff in the box set to make the Rippo less of a bad deal.  It made me wonder about the contents of my Rippo box set (kept as a reminder but confined to the 'out of sight box'), was any of it real? I had doubts at the time, but after putting it away I never actually looked at the contents again until the poster sparked my interest in it again.

After looking at it carefully, I can now say that every item in the box appears to be fake. 

myownrippopacka.jpg (349823 bytes)  myownrippopack.jpg (222590 bytes)  The pack in it's entirety.

Looking at the flint holder carefully showed a slight difference in the manufacturing process, but most damning of all was the spelling of both Bradford and Zippo, being 'BRADFORDI'  and  'ZIPPQ'. 

A further difference from the real Zippo dispenser became apparent when I lined them up to do a final picture. The Rippo item suddenly stood out even more, as once mixed in with the real items the clear body proved to be shorter than the genuine dispensers.

flintholder.jpg (152015 bytes)  Original and Fake Flint dispenser

Flintholderlargefile.jpg (863945 bytes)  Large image of Rippo Dispenser

3n1dispenserlined.jpg (321922 bytes)  Three Zippo & One Rippo

The fuel can sports a spelling mistake, though without having more US cans of fuel (my current 2 being UK with the possibility of subtle differences between US and UK items), the side printing states 'Use the other nand to remove lighter insert. Also, the filler top on the fake has a totally red top including the nozzle, whereas the real stuff has a white nozzle in the red top.  One small thing, at the top and bottom of the can, where the black finishes and the tin begins, the surface of the black where the two meet looks like it is bubbling away. Almost like a can left in a damp shed would start to rust if left for too long.

fuelcan.jpg (62890 bytes)  rippofuel.jpg (60955 bytes)  Fuel Canister , 1st image has the spelling mistake.

Rippofuel2.jpg (105737 bytes)  rippofuel3.jpg (141332 bytes)


wick.jpg (62859 bytes)  The wick has no mention of  Zippo on the packet. I don't believe Zippo sell them like this.

myownrippoholder.jpg (52461 bytes)  The leather holder has a dodgy typeface and the flame over the 'i' is wrong.

myrippo.jpg (115644 bytes)  The lighter itself is a 'z' series Rippo (think you all know what they are by now). Fake.

All told, there is nothing (including the box) that is Zippo. Despite the reasoning behind making Rippo consumables and holders seeming financially crazy,  the fact that this whole set is Rippo would imply that regardless of how little money is made on each item, people are still prepared to copy Zippo stuff right down to the tiniest things. So tiny in fact, that it appears few have noticed it was taking place.


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