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The first Rippo at the top of the page was given to me by Jules after talking at the Head of Steam UK meet. All the rest are just some further examples of the NamNotz Rippo fakes currently out there. Were it not for Freddie I would probably not have bothered updating the Nam fakes page, but after his donation it seemed only fair to make the effort.

Now all I have to do is talk somebody into giving me a genuine 1939 to 45 lighter for the right price and I can start on the world war two section. 

Joking aside though, every lighter on this page was manufactured solely to mislead buyers, (and to make as much money as possible at the same time). Sometimes they are advertised as the fakes they are, but few sellers are so up front about the lighters being cheap tat. For the most part, they are obviously Rippo when you actually have one in your hand. Always give the base some serious attention, engraved bottoms are a regular sight. The illusory trick of adding a medal or patches is a further play on suckering a punter, After all, if it comes with a genuine medal, it must be a genuine Zippo lighter? Obviously not, it is just more smoke and mirrors. Most are artificially aged, whether this is done by burying it in the ground for a while, painting it (deliberately patchy), or even blowtorched, none of this is sufficient to hide the lighters lack of authenticity. Add to this the usual bad quality Rippo inserts and the job of spotting them is fairly easy for most people.

I wouldn't mind owning a genuine Nam lighter, same for a Korean war. The fact is though, that after seeing so many Rippo's like these, I just wouldn't want to make the effort in an online auction. A shop or a collectors meet would be fine, but online? it's not for me. 


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